The Top 10 Ways To Use VoIP That You Probably Didn’t Think About

Here’s the top ten list of fun and interesting things to do with VoIP.

  1. Caller ID Spoofing – Use Asterisk to spoof Kevin Rose’s home phone number. Call all your friends and tell them you’ll be on the next diggnation.
  2. Beat the telemarketers by implementing Asterisk Zapateller. Their predictive dialer software will think your number is disconnected and you’ll be deleted from their database!
  3. Use a free SIP client like X-lite and Voipbuster to make free calls to Europe.
  4. Signup as a volunteer with your favorite political party. Use Skype to make free “get out the vote” calls to registered voters in swing states.
  5. Torture a telemarketer! Replace your answering machine with Asterisk and setup the Telemarketer Torture dial plan.
  6. Integrate Asterisk and the Google Calendar API. Have Google Calender Call to remind you of appointments.
  7. Make unlimited cell phone calls with Sprint for $5 month.
  8. Use BottleRocket to integrate your X10 system and Asterisk. Have fun turning your lights on and off with your cell phone.
  9. Can’t afford an iPod? Use TrixBox to stream podcasts to your cell phone.
  10. Three-Way Caller ID Spoofing (the ultimate in Caller ID spoofing). Call person A and spoof the CID so it looks like person B is calling. Simultaneously call person B, but spoof the CID for person A. Connect all three of you to an Asterisk Meetme Conference call. Make sure to mute your mic so they can’t hear you laughing. This work even better if you pick two random people that don’t know each other.

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