How to Make an XM Radio PC Cable

XM Radio used to market a device call the XM PCR which enabled listening to XM Radio directly on a computer using a PC cable. The XM PCR device was discontinued after the Time Trax time shifting software (Tivo for XM Radio) was written to enable the automatic recording and tagging of Songs.

Even though the XM PCR is no longer sold by XM Radio, you can still find a few for sale on EBay. You can also turn the XM Direct universal tuner into a XMPCR like device by using a special XM Radio PC cable.

Here are the steps to make an XM Radio PC cable yourself. You can also buy a pre-made XM Direct cable from Hybrid Mobile Technologies

XM Radio PC Cable Parts List:

* 8 Pin Mini-Din Plug
* Female DB9 Connector
* Insulated Wire to connect everything
* 12 Volt Power Supply

Here is the Cable Pinout and Diagram for the XM Radio Computer Cable:

8 Pin Mini < -> Din to DB9
Pin 1 < -> Pin 3 Data Receive
Pin 2 < -> Pin 2 Data Transmit
Pin 3 < -> Pin 5 Ground
Pin 6 < -> 12v
Pin 7 < -> 12v
Pin 8 < -> Ground


Now, just wire everything up, solder, and connect to an available serial port on your computer. If you don’t have a serial port, the XM Radio PC cable can be used with a cheap USB to Serial Adapter. I used a regulated 12VDC power supply to power the XM Direct tuner, but anything that provides 12VDC should suffice.

Don’t forget to read up on the software available to power your XM Direct tuner.

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